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Software engineering, and collectively information systems, is an amazing, creative, challenging and, chaotic field that both excites and frustrates developers and users alike. The mission for The Coding Interface is to strive to provide a guiding platform that helps software engineers of all levels of experience grow their knowledge and skills to help build a better world. The goal of The Coding Interface is to be a conduit of explicit and transferrable knowledge for the fields of software engineering and information systems made possible through articles, tutorials, and learning applications like flash cards and quizzes.



Hello and thanks for visiting The Coding Interface. My name is Adam McQuistan the creator of The Coding Interface. I am deeply fascinated about all things software and out of that passion and fascination The Coding Interface was born. The Coding Interface is a direct result of my desire to continually learn and share my learning experiences with like-minded people of the larger software engineering and information systems community.