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How To Use Window Functions in SQL

When it comes to quantitative analysis on data in database tables standard SQL provides a set of aggregate functions like SUM(), MAX(), and MIN(). There are two main ways these functions get used in practice: (i) collapsing the table data down to represent the aggregate calculation result set or, (ii) presenting the aggregate calculation per row maintaining the granularity of the complete table. Windowing functions are used to accomplish this second option and will the focus of this article.

Intro to Machine Learning with Spammy Emails, Python and, SciKit Learn

Machine Learning is capturing significant attention among technologists and innovators due to a desire to shift from descriptive analytics focused on understanding what happened in the past towards predicting what is likely to occur in the future as well as prescribe actions to take in response to that prediction. In this article I focus on the use case of classifying email messages as either spam or ham with supervised machine learning using Python and SciKit Learn.