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JavaFX with Gradle, Eclipse and, Scene Builder on OpenJDK11: Project Setup

The web is a preferred choice for software due to the ubiquity and accessibility of browsers but, exceptions exist necessitating the need for a quality desktop app platform such as the need to lockdown data to a few geographically close computers or desire to restrict internet connectivity from a particular app. Surprisingly, this can be common for high-tech fields like science and medicine which rely on the exceptional Java platform and JavaFX framework for quality desktop software.

JavaFX with Gradle, Eclipse, Scene Builder and OpenJDK 11: Refactor with FXML and Scene Builder

In this final article of an introductory series on building desktop apps using JavaFX with Gradle, Eclipse, and Scene Builder I refactor the previously built random number app using FXML along with the amazing Scene Builder design tool from Gluon. JavaFX's FXML views provide an excellent way to separate out UI presentation from the behavior and logic coded into controllers and models. When paired with Scene Builder the experience translates into efficient prototyping and full on design of UIs.