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Updating Linux GNU Tar from Source on CentOS

I was recently tasked with migrating a GitLab instance from one ContOS Linux server to another which required creating a backup of the existing system via the gitlab-backup CLI utility. When I read the GitLab docs on creating backups I learned that gitlab-backup requires at least a version of 1.3 for GNU Tar. As of this writing it turns out this is not possible using the yum package manager so, in this article I walk you through how to upgrade the tar compression utiltity from source.

By Adam McQuistan on 09/26/2019

How To Find Files In Linux

In this How To article I demonstrate using the find command in Linux and, through the use of some practical examples, I aim to help the reader become efficient when working with the Linux file system as well provide building blocks for further experimentation.

By Adam McQuistan on 04/22/2020