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Beginner's Guide to Gradle for Java Developers

In this tutorial I will be describing how to get up and going quickly with Gradle demonstrating what I feel are the most important concepts and features needed as a Java developer just gettings started with Gradle. Gradle is a powerful, ultra flexible, build system popular in the Java (or more broadly JVM based) development ecosystem. Gradle has many amazing features such as dependency management, build configurations and tasks, with core as well as third party plugins and lots more.

Deploying a Python Text Analytics App with Flask, uWSGI and Nginx

This is a continuation from Building a Text Analytics App in Python with Flask, Requests, BeautifulSoup, and TextBlob and will focus on deploying the previously built app to a cloud hosted Ubuntu LTS v18 server. For this article I will be running the Flask app within the Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) compliant Python application server known as uWSGI. The Flask app / uWSGI server will sit behind an Nginx web server which serves static content plus reverse proxy non-static requests to uWSGI

Streaming Logs to S3 with Kinesis Firehose in a Serverless Project

In this article I demonstrate how to setup a AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) project for near realtime streaming of CloudWatch logs to S3 using Kinesis Data Firehose. To keep things interesting I'll be using a Python based demo application that exposes two REST APIs, one for scraping and saving quotes from the web to a DyanmoDB table and another for listing the saved quotes.

Exploring Online Analytical Processing Databases plus Extract, Transform and, Load in PostgreSQL

In this article I give an introduction to Online Analytical Processing databases comparing them against traditional Online Transaction Processing Systems. Emphasis is put on designing and building Star Schemas and Reporting tables using Data Engineering processes like Extract, Transform and Load all within a Aurora PostgreSQL database.