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Building a Text Analytics App in Python with Flask, Requests, BeautifulSoup, and TextBlob

This article introduces how to build a Python and Flask based web application for performing text analytics on internet resources such as blog pages. To perform text analytics I will utilizing Requests for fetching web pages, BeautifulSoup for parsing html and extracting the viewable text and, apply the TextBlob package to calculate a few sentiment scores.

Deploying a Python Text Analytics App with Flask, uWSGI and Nginx

This is a continuation from Building a Text Analytics App in Python with Flask, Requests, BeautifulSoup, and TextBlob and will focus on deploying the previously built app to a cloud hosted Ubuntu LTS v18 server. For this article I will be running the Flask app within the Web Server Gateway Interface (WSGI) compliant Python application server known as uWSGI. The Flask app / uWSGI server will sit behind an Nginx web server which serves static content plus reverse proxy non-static requests to uWSGI

Bridging Node.js and Python with PyNode to Predict Home Prices

In this article I demonstrate a novel Node.js package named PyNode used to invoke Python code within a Node.js application and, more importantly, receive Python return types in the calling Node.js application. To facilitate demonstrating this awesomeness I use the popular scikit-learn Python library to load the included California Housing dataset from the 1990 US Census and build a Linear Regression model for predicting home values within a Express.js application.

How To Compress and Extract Zip Files with Python

In this How To article I demonstrate using Python to compress files into zip archives along with extracting files contained in a zip archive. The venerable, batteries included, Python standard library provides the zipfile module which exposes a well designed API for working with zip archives in a platform manner and will be the focus of this article.

By Adam McQuistan on 04/16/2020